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The Nordic Difference

Nordic understands your EHR challenges. Our consultants are dedicated to learning from what’s been done and are committed to finding new, better ways of doing things.

The industry’s leading Epic consultants

Nordic consultants hit the ground running and contribute immediately. So there’s no downtime to account for and no time lost explaining the basics during onboarding. We always provide knowledgeable consultants for you to integrate into your organization right away.

Common Challenges

Shared experience. Collective knowledge.

Additionally, we’re leveraging our collective expertise using sharing tools designed to save you time and money. Nordic consultants are able to log issues and challenges—scrubbed of sensitive client information—into a database where other consultants can search for answers to these common questions. So we spend less time reinventing the knowledge wheel and more time focused on driving success on the ground floor.

Not just consultants. The right consultants.

You hate turnover. We hate turnover. It’s as simple as that. Our consultants have an intrinsic desire to see projects through to completion, adding to a culture of commitment. We’re in it for the long haul, so you don’t have to worry about losing key support mid-project. Plus, we never force consultants to work on projects they’re not suited for, instead giving them a say in placement. Because happy consultants make happier clients.

It’s your knowledge. Keep it that way.

We understand that losing valuable system knowledge when consultants leave is an issue for every organization. That’s why the transfer of knowledge is always a deliverable. We make it a priority to mentor and train staff before our contract ends, so that you’re properly set up for success.

Common Challenges