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Advisory Services

Beyond implementation, shifting standards and mounting strategic initiatives mark the healthcare landscape. Let us help you strategize and plan for future initiatives and the challenging road ahead.

Meet today’s most complex healthcare challenges

Right now, you face a significant challenge—deliver high-quality patient care at a reduced cost in a constantly-changing regulatory environment. Nordic’s Advisory Services leaders employ rigorous, results-driven methodology to help you leverage your EHR and refine operations to achieve your long-term organizational goals.

Nordic Advisory Services

Leading with experience

We offer executive level expertise to guide you through a wide variety of initiatives, from vendor selection and pre-implementation planning to change management and business operations improvement. We provide several types of senior leaders, including:
  • C-level Advisors
  • Executive Directors
  • Program Directors
  • Project Managers
  • Strategic Initiative Leads
  • Operational Process Improvement Experts
  • Technical and Integration Architects

Watch Nordic’s Zack Tisch talk about Large EHR Implementations: 2 critical success factors.

Prepare for crucial milestones

Clinical transformation is a reality for your organization whether you’re ready or not. Initiatives like ICD-10, Meaningful Use, and coding alignment are large-scale projects that demand proven expertise. Nordic advisors work closely with your organization to facilitate consensus and clinical support for your currently active projects and to establish a foundation of clinical transformation excellence for success well into the future.

Realize revenue cycle goals

Are you leaving money on the table each day? We’ll work with you to align your organization and achieve your revenue cycle goals, while fine-tuning revenue efficiencies along the way. Using proven revenue cycle process optimization methodology, we partner with you to maximize charge capture, decrease AR days, improve staff productivity, and streamline your revenue cycle from start to finish.

Leadership meets mentorship

Our team of experts will mentor your staff, streamline project governance, and guide decision-making based on the goals you envisioned when you selected Epic. We’ll also help design and deliver an actionable roadmap to continue optimizing your EHR investment moving forward.



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