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Optimization Solutions

Epic has made an enormous impact on your organization and patients, but there’s still untapped potential. So what’s next?

Achieve peak performance and unlock your EHR potential with our industry expertise

Organizations are challenged to prioritize and quantify returns for their optimization projects. Whether you need broad or targeted optimization, we can identify, prioritize, and implement to move your organization forward. Let us help you manage the list of potential improvement opportunities:
  • Predictable outcomes
  • Quantifiable benefits
  • Improved care
  • Satisfied clinicians
Comprehensive Assessments
Comprehensive Assessments

Comprehensive Assessments

Our industry-leading consultants gather existing data, interview and observe operational staff, and assess your system configuration. We compile this into a single prioritized list with a Reference Guide featuring current state analysis, quantitative ROI estimates, and detailed implementation price and timeline.
  • Improvements to workflows, tools, and processes
  • Enterprise, clinical suites, and individual apps
  • Clients typically see a $20+ million potential five-year ROI
Packaged Solutions

Packaged Solutions

Packaged Solutions help you align process and technology where it matters most. We’ve pulled together our best and brightest to develop complete solutions for key industry challenges. Our proven approaches and tools deliver rapid improvement and measurable ROI with a reliable price and timeline.
  • Clinical – Chronic Care Management, Transition to Care, Clinical Decision Support
  • Patient Access – Provider Accessibility, E-visits and Telehealth, Referrals
  • Revenue Cycle – Credit Card Integration, Real-Time Eligibility, Self-Pay Management


Delivering Results

Our consultants are working on optimization projects in all applications and integration areas. We can provide individual analysts or teams for anything from project management needs to integrated teams for operational areas to strategic leadership. Your project will be done right the first time, on time and on budget.


“Nordic was invaluable in helping ThedaCare IT leaders identify the gaps and describe the organizational impact of those gaps and then partner with our team to deliver the results.” ~Jodie Ausloos, Chief Clinical Information Officer, ThedaCare – $18 million in recognized ROI