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Optimization Solutions

Epic has made an enormous impact on your organization and patients, but there’s still untapped potential. So what’s next?

Assess and refresh your EHR to achieve peak performance

Organizations are challenged to prioritize and quantify returns for their optimization projects. Whether you need comprehensive or targeted optimization, we can identify, prioritize, and implement to move your organization forward. Let us help you meet the goals of your optimization opportunities:
  • Predictable outcomes
  • Quantifiable benefits
  • Improved care
  • Satisfied clinicians

Comprehensive Assessments

Our industry-leading consultants gather existing data, interview and observe operational staff, and assess your system configuration. We compile this into a single prioritized list with a detailed report featuring current state analysis, ROI estimates, and detailed implementation timeline, IT, and operational staffing estimates.
  • Improvements to workflows, tools, and processes
  • Enterprise, clinical suites, and individual apps
Optimization Assessments Successes

Targeted Optimization

Nordic can also focus on specific, targeted areas to provide benefit and results-based solutions. Here are a few of the areas where our clients have seen benefit:

Application Specific

Whether by suite or individual applications, our KLAS-proven consultants can perform assessments to identify long-term benefits and returns.

  • Outpatient – MyChart, Ambulatory, Kaleidoscope, Wisdom, Phoenix, Willow Ambulatory, Home Health
  • Inpatient – ASAP, Stork, Clin Doc, Orders, Willow
  • Access & Revenue Cycle – HB, PB, Claims, Cadence, Grand Central, Prelude, HIM, Tapestry, Home Health Billing
  • Procedural & Diagnostic – Cupid, OpTime, Beaker, Radiant

Targeted Areas

  • Analytics – By focusing on holistic reporting success through analytics and reporting structure, our analytics assessment will help identify areas of improvement needed to have a rich data-driven culture.
  • Security – By reviewing your provisioning processes, template approach, and overall security build, our security assessment can help you develop a roadmap for a clear and focused security strategy.
  • Training – Ongoing education is vital and challenging for most organizations. By prioritizing the training structure, communication, and robust ongoing education programs for providers, our consultants can help transform training into an impactful program.
  • Legacy System Gap Analysis – Deciding to transition to Epic from a legacy system is a complicated decision. Our consultants can help perform a gap analysis to determine the pros and cons of system transition as well as partner with you to complete the transition.

Clinical Efficiency & System Improvement

  • Physician Efficiency – By using a variety of data sources, including Epic’s Physician Efficiency Profiles, we can help drive a methodical, top-down optimization approach, leading to significant dramatic improvements in physician efficiency and satisfaction.
  • Special Deep Dive – By targeting individual outpatient specialty system and workflow opportunities, we will assess and customize specific tools and workflows in order to improve efficiency, satisfaction, and patient care across every role.

Revenue Cycle Transformation

  • Revenue Integrity – Intentionally deploy your revenue integrity team, develop your CDM and charging-related workflows into strategic assets to maximize revenue while reducing candidate for billing (CFB) and accounts receivable (A/R).
  • Provider Accessibility – Increase overall provider utilization through facilitating patient panel size growth, reducing third next available performance metrics, and developing efficiencies in provider schedules.
  • RTE – Implement or optimize real-time eligibility interface with payers and reduce registration and authorization-related edits, A/R, and bad debt while increasing registration efficiency.

Population Health Transition

  • Care Coordination – Improve patient engagement and patient population management and reduce risks for your high-risk patient population by optimizing inpatient case management, transitions of care, and chronic care management.
  • Quality Measures – Optimize clinical documentation, decision support, and reporting to meet quality measure electronic reporting requirements for MACRA (MIPS & APMs), Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs and MSSPs), Patient Centered Medical Homes (PCMH), and other initiatives.
  • Bundles – Maximize net revenue and patient satisfaction for bundled procedures through integration workflows, increased efficiencies, and reporting transparency by applying Lean Six Sigma principles.


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KLAS Top Optimization Performer

Nordic’s Optimization Solutions has been recognized as a top performer in terms of producing the highest positive impact on efficiency and outcomes with over 80 percent of clients reporting a significant positive impact.

KLAS Scores


Measurable Results

Below are examples of actual outcomes we’ve helped our clients achieve. With a focus on ROI and VOI, these improvements create measurable results.

Optimization Assessments Examples


“Nordic was invaluable in helping ThedaCare IT leaders identify the gaps and describe the organizational impact of those gaps and then partner with our team to deliver the results.” ~Jodie Ausloos, Chief Clinical Information Officer, ThedaCare – $18 million in recognized ROI