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Transparency matters. When it comes to compensation, you’re first in the know. Nordic champions a culture of mutual respect between consultants and management, resulting in better communication and lasting relationships.

We pay our consultants at the highest level

And we share our rates with everyone so there are no surprises. Add that to our straightforward expense procedures and what you see is what you get. Literally. At Nordic, you’ll know how much a client pays to have you on-site as well as Nordic’s operating expense rate. We keep overhead low, so ultimately you earn more.

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  • is transparent in behavior and action
  • pays individuals as W-2 hourly employees, not as independent contractors
  • shares bill rates, contract information, and fees with every consultant
  • earns a competitive hourly rate per consultant

Nordic consultants are in high demand and downtime between engagements is rare. But if you have the drive and you’re ready work alongside of the best consultants in the industry, contact us.

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